MendWord StaffMendWord Translations is a Los Angeles based Language Service Company that operates internationally. Our staff members are experienced members of the translation industry and have a combined experience of over 10 years. Our Managers are trained in at least one foreign language and have many years of experience working in several fields of expertise, such as business management, medical, legal and marketing. Our staff is carefully selected to handle projects according to their field of expertise to ensure best customer satisfaction and most efficient project management.


MendWord works with translators and other language experts from all over the globe. We have an extensive database with translators that have been carefully selected according to the standards of the translation industry and our own extended Quality Assurance Process.  Thanks to our extensive network of language professionals we specialize in almost every subject matter and nearly every language.


MendWord Interpreters-150x150We work with (court) certified interpreters located all over the United States. We understand that interpreting is a highly demanding task. It involves absolute focus, concentration, and professionalism on part of the interpreter. Therefore, our Interpreters are highly qualified and carefully selected by our project management team to best suit your occasion. Our professional Interpreters are trained for different subject matters, industries and certified for court hearings or legal depositions.